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Hey there, I am Maria Cervantes.

Friends call me Mayi

I am a Brisbane based User Experience and User Interface Designer that loves musicals, dancing, experimenting a bit with recipes and creating beautiful and usable product solutions.

My professional career started as an Industrial Designer. While creating beautiful tactile objects has always been fascinating to me, I started getting more and more attracted towards the digital world. Little by little, I migrated to it. Got my Masters in Interaction Design at The University of Queensland and started working as a UI/UX Designer in Australia.

  • Prototyping Skills

    HTML5, CSS/SASS, Javascript, Invision, Axure, Justinmind
    Adobe Cloud (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • User Experience Research and Evaluation

    Qualitative / Ethnographic Research, Remote User-Testing,
    Guerilla Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Design Thinking,
    Look & Feel Testing (as part of QA)
  • Other Management & Organizational

    Agile + SCRUM Methodology,
    Client Liaison, Budget Planning.
    Process follow-up through Bitbucket, Jira & Confluence
  • Languages

    English: TOEFL iBT 107(2015)
    Portuguese: Celpe-Bras Intermediate (2010)
    Spanish: (Native Speaker)

Interest Areas

  • Everything Usability

    From the research to the implementation. The more information collected, the better to generate products suitable for their users.
  • Internet of Things

    I guess the Industrial designer in me comes out every now and then and still demands beautiful tactile objects embedded with sensors. Most of my experience with IoT has been through personal experiments or academic projects. I would love to keep working and expanding my knowledge in this area
  • Data Viz

    With all the amount of information we are collecting from absolutely everything, I feel this skill will become more and more relevant. It helps to digest the huge amount of information we get constantly, so I find this skill fascinating.
  • Everything Accessibility

    I believe in fairness and inclusion even in the digital world. I hope someday we’ll have a user friendly internet for everyone, despite their different capabilities.


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